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“I like asking questions on the user’s forum because I know the answers are coming from people who are in hospitals just like mine. The people who respond have many years of experience and have been through some of the same things I am going through. I also learn a lot from reading the answers to questions sent in by other users as well.”

Linnae Coker RN
Sabetha Community Hospital

“I have found the virtual forum to be most helpful. Small CAH hospitals are unique in their structure and in the fact that each person must wear multiple hats. Since I have had access to the virtual forum I have been able to seek and get information from like facilities. I find this access to like facilities to be invaluable. Also, being a department of one, it is beneficial to be able to gather input from others with expertise and work experience in the arena of risk management. I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Paula Hofmeister RN BA, QA/Risk Manager
Clara Barton Hospital

“Keeping the doors open on a small rural hospital is becoming more difficult.  We have to continually analyze our operations to ensure we are as efficient as possible.  Health Data Check is a simple and efficient tool that helps us identify best practices among our peer group partners and monitor our success.”

Joe Meyer, CFO
Scott County Hospital

“Quality Data Check has been a wonderful addition to our risk management and quality program. It allows me to easily manage data from incident reports, and the customer service from Health Data Solutions can’t be beat!”

Aimee Zimmerman, RM
Logan County Hospital

“I can’t thank you enough for introducing the QDC system to our administrator. It is wonderful. We have installed it in all high volume clinical areas, and the staff love being able to fill out the reports on the computer. The QA team is ecstatic over the timeliness of the stats they are receiving from me and it has been such a breeze to compile the information for them.”

Connie Dyke, CRM
Hiawatha Community Hospital

“We had a survey by the state, which we passed with NO deficiencies! Thanks to Jason and Mary’s meetings with the state surveyors, they were familiar with the program and knew what they needed to ask for from me. The software support has been invaluable also! Questions or concerns are answered promptly and suggestions are welcomed. The network of other Risk Managers using the software has been priceless. I can’t thank Health Data Solutions enough!! This software has truly been appreciated!”

Kristie Hayes, RN, Quality/RM
Morris County Hospital