Health Data Check

HDC is an online benchmarking system for small hospitals.

It was developed as a result of small rural hospitals wanting to compare themselves with regional peers rather than a large national data set. HDC includes over 100 reports covering financial, operational and productivity benchmarks and allows you to compare with regional hospitals or larger, custom peer groups.

Why Choose HDC?

User Friendly

  • Form based – no confusing spreadsheets
  • Online help function with definitions for field entry
  • All formulas built into the system
  • Experienced users can enter monthly data in less than 1 hour

Flexible and Accessible

  • Completely web-based.. It’s there when you need it
  • Requires no additional hardware or software
  • Enter and retrieve data on your schedule

Timely Information

  • On-demand reporting customized by user –no waiting for needed reports
  • Compare data from previous month with peers
  • Share best practice models with regional peers

Cost Effective

  • Monthly or annual subscription rates with unlimited access
  • Customers agree that HDC is more affordable, easy to use and practical than other systems

HDC pharmacy report: Average cost per charged unit

Network Implementation

As a network or association, you can share identities with each other, make hospital-to-hospital comparisons, learn directly from regional peers as to how they have obtained specific efficiencies, and utilize current network-based peer group forums to analyze the data, including:

  • CFO
  • Dietary
  • Materials Management
  • Nuring
  • Housekeeping

HDC Concept

Typical benchmarking system format

Benchmark Your Hospital National Avg <100 Beds
Labor Hours per Adjusted Patient Day 35 32
Supplies as a % of Net Patient Revenue 30% 27%

Don’t just compare to a system average, compare to and see individual hospital information

HDC format

Benchmark Your Hospital Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Network Avg System Avg
Labor Hours per Adjusted Patient Day 35 30 22 20 27 25
Supplies as a % of Net Patient Revenue 30% 25% 29% 24% 30% 27%

Share identities with other users so you can call them up if you have questions


  • User Friendly
  • Flexible and Accessible
  • Timely Information
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent project to implement as an association

Keeping the doors open on a small rural hospital is becoming more difficult. We have to continually analyze our operations to ensure we are as efficient as possible. Health Data Check is a simple and efficient tool that helps us identify best practices among our peer group partners and monitor our success.

Joe Meyer, CFO, Scott County Hospital